Maxim’s To Use Bottle Service Now In Clubs

Only this isn’t SoBe, and Capponi isn’t standing in any outdated derelict developing. This is a derelict creating in one of the most derelict nations in the globe: Haiti. What was he pondering!

That’s not all. This is no hedonistic SoBe undertaking to produce a club area for a couple of hundred men and women to drink and dance all evening prolonged. Capponi’s new mission entails repairing up a complete city  if not the total nation.

This daunting undertaking may sound wildly ambitious, not to say foolhardy. But for this 39-yr-outdated reformed heroin addict the humanitarian challenge is as well compelling to ignore.

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Michael Capponi has for the past couple of decades led a very glamorous Miami life. When the entrepreneur was only 19-years-old, a 1992 edition of Vogue placed him on its “Who’s Who of Miami” list. Now the New York Post has heralded him the “Godfather of Miami Nightlife.” This Godfather is accredited with revitalization of the South Beach scene. Now Capponi has partnered with Gideon Kimbrell. Kimbrell’s own story is much less glamorous but much more inspiring. He grew up in the mountains of Montana in a log cabin that had no electricity. Through immense hard work and drive, this mountain boy went skyward in the face of the modern world.

The two very different men partnered up for a further venture in the Miami Night Club venue, a hot new night hotspot. The partners recently granted a private interview with Elite Traveler. The two discussed the Miami nightclub scene in the recent past became over-commercialized, granting club access to anyone and everyone. To combat this, they are tweaking how entrance procedures so they being actually invited in is more coveted and sought after. To this end, they have created an app called InList that records every single one of the VIPs and elite travel guests all over the world!

These VIPs and elite travelers can use this app to recommend the best and most exclusive night clubs in any city they travel to at any time of the year. It will not show all of the good clubs—just two or three of the very best the city has to offer. Their app will therefore benefit far more clubs than just their own. If a person has the app at all, it means they are a VIP or elite traveling guest so users can always make a reservation on the app. Just in case, the app allows the venues to screen the users. Most of the time the reserving process is free; once in a while a club will require a payment via credit card.

Caponi and Kimbrell are not worried in the slightest. They know they have nearly perfected the exclusiveness of their own club. They have their list of top platinum and diamond members who they assist with other services like transportation, housing, shopping, and special events. Their future will have them at the top of the Miami night club food chain and they know it.